Hatha style Yoga ( with  relaxation )  class every Wednesday 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm at the Peninsula sports centre, Holbrook. 

  • This class is for students who have already some experience.
  • Tune into your body and your breath with a mix of held poses and stretches
  • warm up your body with a sun salutation flow sequence
  • create a balance of strength and flexibility
  • we end the session with 10 minutes of guided relaxation
  • Cost £39 for 6 weeks or pay per session @£7.50 ( pending space )
  • Max 15 early booking advisable

New  Beginners class starting Monday  6th November 7.30 -8.30 pm  at the Peninsula sports centre, Holbrook .

  • You don’t need any yoga experience or to be super bendy. mats provided
  • Tune into your body and your breath with a mix of held poses/stretches to build strength and flexibility
  • At the end of the class we  end with a 10 minute guided relaxation leaving an even more  relaxed you
  • Ideal class for pregnancy
  • Cost :  £39 for 6 weeks or pay per session £7.50 Small class Max 15

 For any of my yoga classes please contact me to book  your place or to  find out more….
mobile : 07777 674556 or 01473 780954
email: moc.t1516671473enret1516671473nitb@1516671473gnikn1516671473itram1516671473d1516671473




In total 6/7 hours  hours tailored to suit your specific needs at a time and a place that’s perfect for you and your birth partner.  A complimentary yoga/relaxation follow up support session  for the mum to be  is included in the price, or if you prefer a baby massage session  for mum and partner once your baby has been born.   A parent information pack, and  “the hypnobirthing book” by Katharine Graves and a relaxation CD “colour and calmness” are included in the course fee of £ 125 Call me or email me for more details.


Baby Massage

I offer one on one sessions in your own home at a time and day that’s convenient for you and your baby. I will show you the techniques on my own baby (doll) whilst you follow, gently and safely. Usually 1 session ( approx 1 hr )  is suffice to learn all the techniques. Hand-outs and a free bottle of baby massage oil is included in the price of £25.  I  also run small sessions for you and a few friends with their babes, please contact me for further information and cost.

Contact me now to find out more….
mobile : 07777 674556 or 01473 780954
email: moc.t1516671473enret1516671473nitb@1516671473gnikn1516671473itram1516671473d1516671473


Overview of courses:

Hazybear Hypnobirthing

This  is an  opportunity to really understand how hypno/relaxation techniques  can work and why, in pregnancy, labour and the birth. You will learn the skills and techniques on how to make this happen.  The role of the father/birth partner and what you can do in making it the best possible, safe, calm and stress free  experience  for you, your partner and your beautiful baby.

In addition there is  a follow up /support session with the mums to be 🙂 where we will cover gentle pregnancy yoga and relaxation.

A parent information pack, book “the hypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves and a relaxation CD “colour and calmness” ( RRP £13.97)  are included in the course fee of £ 135

Please contact me for up to date information.

Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation

Each class will help strengthen your body, soothe away aches and pains and relax the mind so you can enjoy your pregnancy at every stage (from 12 weeks – 40) and prepare for the birth of your beautiful baby. It’s also a great way of meeting other mums to be ,  many of my lovely mummy to be’s carry on meeting once their babies have been born.

Please contact me for up to date information and to book a place.

Baby (and mummy) Yoga

My classes are usually run as a 4  week course  but they are easy to join in at any time . Each session lasts for approx. 1 hr .  Fun and dynamic they will support the development of your baby’s neural and sensory motor skills. I also cover gentle but effective  yoga poses and stretches to tackle your  post natal baby belly and core muscles  !  No previous experience necessary, and I provide mats etc.  The course is a wonderful way to make new friends. Suitable for babies from approx. 8 weeks to crawling.

I also offer small group sessions in your own home, invite your friends and babes/NCT group, I provide all that you need including cake 🙂

Contact me now to find out more

mobile : 07777 674556
email: moc.t1516671473enret1516671473nitb@1516671473gnikn1516671473itram1516671473d1516671473