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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is based on the work of Dr Grantly Dick-Read, an English Obstetrician. In his book, Childbirth Without Fear, he controversially opened the debate on pain in childbirth, and how much of it was in the mind. He wrote: ‘In no other animal species is the process of birth apparently associated with any suffering, pain or agony, except where pathology exists or in an unnatural state, such as captivity.’baby 3

When we’re afraid, our body diverts blood and oxygen from non-essential defense organs to large muscle groups in our extremities. Our face drains of blood and we are said to be ‘white with fear’.

Dr. Dick-Read hypothesized that the fear felt by a woman during childbirth also caused blood to be filtered away from her uterus, so it could be used by the muscles that would flee the dangerous situation. As a result, the uterus was left without oxygen and could not perform its functions efficiently or without pain.

This belief led to Dr. Dick-Read’s theory that fear and tension cause the labor pains in approximately 95 percent of birthing women. He termed this phenomenon “the fear-tension-pain syndrome of childbirth,” and he believed that by eliminating the fear through relaxation, women could return the uterus to its normal function, thereby eliminating the pain.

Probably the person accredited with the origin of the term “Hypnobirthing” is Michelle Leclaire O’Neill in1987 [], who authored books on the subject including “Hypnobirthing the Original Method”. Her work was based partly on previous research by Dr Dick Read’s theory. Other people instrumental in the spread of hypnobirthing include Marie Mongan who founded the U.S. based HypnoBirthing Institute, Katherine Graves founder of Hypnobirthing Association based in the UK and Michel Odent who did a great deal in the 1970s to promote the cause of homebirthing, and the use of birthing pools.

Hypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical and very effective, a complete antenatal education. It will make a difference to your experience of giving birth, and give you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life.


“The thing about hypnobirthing is that it works” – father
“Thanks so much for your valuable class, I had the most amazing birth, probably the best night of my life”- mother
“ I have been present at hypnobirthing births and seen how in control the women are, and how also the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them “-midwife

All about the KG (Katherine Graves) Hypnobirthing course


This extremely effective natural childbirth course lets you discover the joy and magic of birth. It teaches simple and highly effective techniques to birth your baby calmly and gently. The programme is soundly based upon established anatomy, physiology and psychology.

It is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

It is deeply relaxing and effective, and allows your mind and your body to work in harmony, the way nature intended.

The techniques taught during the course enable you to release fears and anxieties, to relax and embrace the birth of your baby in a positive and joyful way, allowing you to achieve the natural, calm and gentle birth you have planned and prepared for. By the end of the course, you will feel excited, confident and very positive. You will feel well-informed and educated with techniques that allow you to actively take control of he birth of your baby, in whichever way your baby is born into this world.

By regularly practising the Hypnobirthing techniques during your pregnancy, you learn the art of deep relaxation through the relaxation CD and self-hypnosis (deep relaxation) using breathing techniques and visualisations in readiness for the birth of your child. Once learnt you will have these skills for life for whenever you feel tired and stressed and need to relax.


Working With Your Body – Not Against It

  1. With Hypnobirthing you are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth.
  2. You may find you don’t need any or very little pain relief at all.
  3. It often shortens the length of labour.
  4. You will be more alert and in control.
  5. Hypnobirthing lessens the physical impact of childbirth.
  6. The father/partner is actively involved.
  7. He knows that he has played an important role in the birth of his child.
  8. Allows your baby to enter the world drug free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.


No More Fear – Tension – Pain

Giving birth can be an empowering and positive experience. With HypnoBirthing you learn:

  1. Fear release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth.
  2. Self-hypnosis inducing deep relaxation.
  3. Massage techniques – stimulating endorphins, your body’s natural anaesthetic.
  4. Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive.
  5. How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably.


The Benefits for your Baby

DSC03459-01This little person arrives in the world alert, and with a mother who is alert and ready to receive it lovingly and attentively. Birth is the most formative experience of our life, and that first relationship your baby forms will in turn affect every other relationship throughout its life. If the birth is calm, gentle and drug free for you, it’s also calm, gentle and drug free for your baby, so will have an effect not only on your baby as it grows and develops, but also on every other relationship it forms which will affect everyone it meets, and the significance of this cannot be over-estimated.




Frequently Asked Questions – Questions people often ask about hypnobirthing

Should I do an NCT course or NHS ante-natal course as well as Hypnobirthing?

My course is ideal as it  complements  an NCT and/or a NHS course. Focussing on  the techniques of Hypnobirthing/deep relaxation.

Will I be hypnotised like you see on TV and the stage?

No! It is not possible to make someone do what they don’t want to do, in fact Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing techniques won’t work very well on someone who does not wish to be effected. Hypnobirthing is not about going into a trance. It is about practicing deep relaxation so that you are able to stay calm and focused during labour and birth.

I work during the week, can I take classes during the evenings or at the weekend?

Yes. Classes are taught at a time to suit you.

I am having a planned Caesarean, so I guess there is no point doing Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is always useful, regardless of the type of birth you have. It has a big effect on both pregnancy and birth, and often parents say how calm and relaxed their baby is after birth. Did you know that there is such a thing as a Natural Caesarean Section? Involving a more Mother and Baby centred approach to the operation.

I can’t decide where to have my birth. Does Hypnobirthing work wherever you have your baby?

The techniques that are taught work just as well whether you choose to have a home birth, go to a Birth Centre or to Hospital. Hypnobirthing provides you with all the tools you need to have a calm and relaxed birth.


What about my partner, he really doesn’t see the point of it all.

Many father’s to be  can start off feeling sceptical about Hypnobirthing, but it isn’t just about the mother and baby it also about him and how he can support and be involved in the birth of your beautiful baby He will be there to protect and help you keep calm and safe. Most sceptical dads to be by the end of the course are surprised by how logical hypnobirthing can be and really do enjoy the deep relaxation techniques, a skill for life. I just give you the tools, knowledge and understanding on how to do it.

I really want a natural birth but still want to have the option of pain relief, is this covered on the course?

We do cover the types of pain relief offered for child birth and look at the effects for you and your baby, enabling you to make an informed choice. However as hypnobirthing enables you to work with your body, removing any fear, anxiety and stress and reducing pain. You are more likely to experience a natural, calm, drug free and comfortable birth.

Are the classes only open to couples?

No my classes are open to all. Ideally you would attend with your birth partner, but if this is not an option then it is not a problem.